About Us

The Continental Pullman Saddle Co. was originally founded in 1986 in Indiana USA.

In 1989 the Continental Pullman brand crossed the Atlantic and introduced the quality American Western saddle to the European Continent where it has become the most recognized, best selling saddle brand ever since. Our strong commitment to excellent craftsmanship, functionality and appealing designs were a big contributing factor for this achievement.

In cooperation with Top American, Canadian and European Trainers we started specializing in 'Reining' in the mid 1990's.
The Continental brand prouds itself to offer individually, handcrafted saddles that are ALL hand tooled and to this day STILL being built in Alabama  USA using the best materials available, being able to offer HIGH quality saddle  priced JUST RIGHT !

Our saddles are built on the revolutionary 'Equi-flex' (R) brand saddle trees by Steele Saddle Tree Co., a trusted name in saddle tree manufacturing for over 175 years.

Since 2009 we are NO LONGER affiliated with the JD Gmbh of Germany OR Hi-Tack GmbH but have become an independent company located in Ider, Alabama USA.

Find out for yourself what we and our saddles are all about. If your local dealer does not carry our brand, just email us or call us Toll Free and ask about our 'Non-obligation' Demo saddle program and  EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE