C60 Lakota Legend

#C60 Lakota Legend


15", 15 1/2", 16" and 17" seats

Full Quarter horse bars***

6 3/4" Gullet width

28" overall length

made from Black Tanned leather (not dyed)

comes standard with Black sheepswool skirt lining

Gorgeous Midnite style silver trim

All our saddles feature already turned fenders so YOU don't have to break them in !

overall length 28"

weight ~ 33 lbs.

We accept CREDIT CARDS ! Simply use 'print and call' option during Checkout

*** Also available in

Semi Quarter Horse bars ( 6 1/2" gullet width)

X-Full Quarter Horse bars (7 1/4" gullet width)

C60 Lakota Legend
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Price $4,275.00